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A2/A2 Ice Cream – Willow Run – QUART

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Rich, nutrient dense Ice Cream. Made in small batches from a neighboring farm – with real, A2/A2 raw heavy cream and A2/A2 raw milk, real pastured eggs and only a few wholesome ingredients. Hand churned goodness with zero chemicals or preservatives.

PLEASE NOTE: During the warm Summer months we highly encourage to have your order shipped either Overnight or 2-Day FedEx Express to guarantee that the Ice Cream will reach you still frozen. We will not be responsible if your order is shipped UPS/FedEx ground – past a 2 day transit time. If the Ice Cream has melted a bit, just shake it up and put it safely back into the freezer.

Attention Co-Op members: You must ask the farmer (via the comment section at the checkout) to insulate your shipping box and add extra Ice packs when buying Ice Cream. We will charge a small fee for the insulation. Our foods are transported on a refrigerated pallet ONLY. If you want your foods – and especially the Ice Cream –  to arrive frozen, this addition is required or else we will not be responsible if the Ice Cream arrives melted or frozen foods are defrosted. Our food will arrive cold to the touch and can be safely refrozen, but refrigerator temps will not assure that the foods will arrive frozen.

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Why do we have 2 different brands of ice cream?

Our one producer that makes our ice cream is called Willow Run Dairy and the other one is called Narvon Natural Acres.

They are both close to our area and both use special ingredients such as grass-fed raw cream and milk and grass-fed soy-free eggs. The main difference is the ingredients. As you should see, Willow Run uses raw honey, and Narvon Natural uses maple syrup for sweetener.

The other bigger difference is Willow Run has a heavier cream content. Some people like it where others don’t as much. With the heavier cream content, eating ice cream may be more like eating butter because of its fat content, which nutrition wise is ideal, but for the pleasure of eating ice cream for a dessert it might not be as ideal. We’ll let you be the judge of which one you like.

The other big factor here is what we found out. The Willow Run ice cream travels better in transit when being shipped, because of the heavy cream content, whereas the other has less cream which will lead to quicker melting. Some flavors may not be available from both farms, such as our pumpkin cheesecake, which is seasonal and is only made by Narvon Natural Acres.

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2 reviews for A2/A2 Ice Cream – Willow Run – QUART

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