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Sheep Milk – FROZEN


Our sheep is 100% grass fed and graze in our pesticide-free pastures all day.

One cup of raw sheep milk provides 15g of protein, 473 mg of calcium, and higher levels of Vitamins A,B,D, and E, magnesium and heart healthy unsaturated fats than cow or goat milk. Sheep milk also contains the highest concentration of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) found in any type of milk. CLA is known to have cancer-fighting properties.

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 Benefits of Sheep Milk

– Naturally homogenized
– High in cream
– A2/A2 milk
– High in B12 and Folate
– Naturally Homogenized

Like goat milk, sheep milk is naturally homogenized. This means that the fat molecules are small enough to stay suspended in the milk. This makes for an easier digestive experience for some people.

Cow milk (as well as water buffalo milk) is not naturally homogenized. Thus, commercially produced cow milk even if organic is usually forcibly homogenized, which oxidizes the cholesterol making it dangerous to consume. Factory homogenized milk should be avoided without exception.

Non-homogenized cow milk from small farms has a distinct creamline at the top, particularly high butterfat milk from old fashioned breeds like Jersey, Devon, and Guernsey. The creamline from the milk of holstein cows is much smaller and harder to identify.

Highest in Cream

A huge benefit of sheep milk is that it contains more cream than any other type of dairy. This is why sheep milk is so prized for making cheese as it produces a higher yield per gallon.

Most exciting, sheep cream contains plentiful amounts of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). These two types of fatty acids are particularly beneficial to health and rare to find in other foods.

LA is a type of fatty acid that actually helps with weight loss and fat reduction in general. It is also a potent cancer fighting fat. According to a German researcher, milk from ewes has more CLA than any other type of milk including human breastmilk!

MCTs make up 25% of sheep cream. They are easy to digest and burn as fuel for an immediate energy source for the body rather than being stored like longer chain fats. MCTs are the darling of endurance athletes and health conscious consumers.

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