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English Walnuts – 12 oz Bag

(3 customer reviews)


Our Organic Crispy Nuts are RAW AND UNPASTEURIZED, soaked in salt water – then low temp dried, to enhance digestibility.

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Lauded as the healthiest nuts, Walnuts are exceptionally beneficial to your health as a whole. They contain large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids that are necessary to reduce inflammatory processes within the body. As the vast majority of people are severely deficient in omega 3, introducing Walnuts into your diet helps improve your health as a whole.

3 reviews for English Walnuts – 12 oz Bag

  1. Rebecca (verified owner)

    The crispy nuts are so delicious, they are addicting!! Can’t eat regular nuts anymore!

  2. Rebecca (verified owner)

    The most amazing nuts you’ll ever eat!

  3. Rebecca (verified owner)

    These are incredible!

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