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Sale-FROZEN Cow Butter-A2/A2-No Salt-min 20 lbs

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The butter’s brilliant yellow is the 100% natural beta carotene from the cow’s diet of rapidly growing grass. With grass based sustainable farming, yellow is the symbol of quality. Especially in the spring time, this butter has an almost florescent glow. Made from 100% fresh A2/A2 cream.

There can be many health benefits from grass-fed raw butter.


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“What is the difference between regular butter and cultured butter”

The regular butter is made from fresh raw cream and the cultured butter is made from fresh raw sour cream. We culture the cream for 24 hours at around 90 degrees, which is then called raw sour cream. When we churn the cream into butter we get the buttermilk, whereas from the sour cream we get the cultured buttermilk.

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1 lb, 1/2 lb


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