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Cinnamon Raisin – Soaked



Organic fresh ground whole wheat flour, organic unenriched unbleached wheat, raw honey, lard, organic raisins, celtic sea salt, raw vinegar, yeast, cinnamon

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Soaking is another process that improves the healthiness of grains. This provides the conditions for germination that alters the grain enough to make it better for our bodies. Grains can be soaked in water or water mixed with things like salt or something acidic like yogurt, whey or lemon juice.


Soaking breaks down gluten which is one of our digestive system’s main enemies. It’s another example of how we partially digest the grain before consuming it.


Soaking is another way that phytic acid can be broken down so that our bodies are able to have full access to the nutrients found in grains. Also, this process that directs the grain towards germination facilitates the creation of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that our body needs to function properly.

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