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Brazil Nuts – 12 oz Bag


Our Organic Crispy Nuts are RAW AND UNPASTEURIZED, soaked in salt water – then low temp dried, to enhance digestibility. One of the richest sources of Selenium.

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Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

It is not difficult to guess that organic Brazil nuts have enormous health benefits. The most important of these advantages are as follows:

Antioxidant effect

Because the nuts contain unique natural ingredients (flavonoids), they ensure the proper flow of redox reactions in the human body. It is much more useful to get these substances from Brazil nuts, rather than taking synthetic vitamins to make up for lack of individual elements that are necessary for a full life.

Amino acids in organic Brazil nuts help reduce fat tissue and increase muscle bulk. This property will come in handy for people who are determined to lose weight.

Some people might view this as a bad thing, but this is not the case. Just by eating only 2 or 3 Brazil nuts a day, you can be more than satisfied. Moreover, this number of nuts is an ideal dose per day, and it is not recommended to have more. Organic Brazil nuts also have a lot of unsaturated fat that can reduce your cholesterol. Unsaturated fats protect the cells and reduce the risk of developing cataracts, atherosclerosis, as well as nervous and cardiovascular diseases.

Rich content of Selenium

Selenium helps to ward off signs of early aging and the growth of cancer tumors as well as provides an anticarcinogenic effect. In order not to receive an excess amount of selenium, which can be harmful, do not exceed the recommended daily consumption of Brazil nuts.


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