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Fresh Tomatoes – per lb

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Freshly harvested vine ripened tomatoes. Grown in rich soil and always chemical free. These are the late season “heirloom” variety.

Better than Organic

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1 review for Fresh Tomatoes – per lb

  1. Claudia M (verified owner)

    These tomatoes taste like they should. I have been buying them for the last couple of months regularly. They were just perfect and ready to eat when I got them. Since they wouldn’t (and actually it would worry me if they would) store well for more than a couple of days, most of them are used for tomato soup (I would call this tomato essence). Some good olive oil, an onion or two, garlic to the taste, the tomatoes and oregano (you can substitute with fresh basil when done with cooking or, crushed fennel seed may work as well if you like the taste). Then a big splash of white wine. Salt and pepper to taste and then puree it.

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