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On Sale – Vegetable box – Organic – Medium Size


When you order a fresh veggie box, any of the following items could be included:

Chinese Cabbage, bunch of Celery, Bok Choy, white and sweet potatoes, fresh Onions, red Radishes, red Beets, Carrots and/or 2 types of leaf lettuce


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We are adding onto our fresh produce section. Lancaster Farm Fresh Produce is well known for good quality organically raised produce. They gather produce from local farms in Pennsylvania and have an assortment available year round.

These veggies are grown in Pennsylvania, in dark, rich soil, by a group of farmers that got together many years ago and saw the need of fresh produce, and also the need of keeping our next generation of families on the farm. Pennsylvania still has a lot of families that have a passion for living on farms and being farmers.

Our goal here at Miller’s is to keep that mission going and help supporting those farmers who grow real nutritious food.

As we all know, the saying “No Farmers, No Food”.

Feel free to order whenever you wish. They will fill a small box with 7 or 8 and a large box with 9-10 different kinds of their choice of some hard to find veggies, lettuce, etc. which is in season.

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