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Sprouted Spelt



Sprouted grain spelt flour, water, raw honey, olive oil, eggs, celtic sea salt, vinegar, yeast

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As we know, grains are seeds that have the ability to develop new growth. There are protections in grains that keep them from growing until conditions are perfect. If we provide those conditions, grains will crack open and begin to sprout. Here is where we stop the process and use the grain as we usually do. Again, you may be asking, “Why would we do that?” Sprouting also has some great health benefits that improve the track record of the grains that make up such a large part of our diets.


Grains that are barely on their way to becoming a new plant are easier to digest. It makes sense considering that the toughness is being broken down in favor of a new, tender plant.


Catching a plant at this stage means catching all the nutrients necessary for growth. Not only that, the process makes those nutrients more accessible for our bodies. Another important factor is that there are many nutrients that aren’t available in grains until they germinate. An important one is vitamin C. See some interesting studies right here

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