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Pickled Beets


Traditionally pickled farm grown vegetables, the old fashion way.

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The Crucial Difference Between Pickled and Fermented

Foods that are pickled are those that have been preserved in an acidic medium. In the case of various types of supermarket pickles on the shelf, the pickling comes from vinegar.  These vegetables, however, are not fermented (even though vinegar itself is the product of fermentation) and hence do not offer the probiotic and enzymatic value of homemade fermented vegetables.

Vegetables that you ferment in your kitchen using a starter, salt, and some filtered water create their own self preserving, acidic liquid that is a by-product of the fermentation process.  This lactic acid is incredibly beneficial to digestion when consumed along with the fermented vegetables or even when sipped alone as anyone on the GAPS Intro Diet has discovered (cabbage juice anyone?). In other words, homemade fermented veggies are both fermented and pickled.

If you are sensitive to fermented foods or you like veggies that don’t taste sour, but fresh and still sweet, than these pickled veggies our farmer is preparing from his own vegetables, might be the answer.

The vinegar he uses comes from real, raw farm made Apple Cider Vinegar and the content is preserved for months – just like as if you ferment the veggies – but without the benefit of probiotics.

There is a huge difference between our farmers pickled veggies and the store bought version. Our pickled veggies are never pasteurized, but raw and preserved using “live” ACV and NOT the GMO white distilled vinegar what is used in a commercial setting.

These pickled beets taste delightfully sweet and will add a nutritious serving of vegetables in an effortless way.

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