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Beef Tallow


Beef Tallow is a very nourishing and heat stable fat – the most prized and preferred fat – next to Lard and Duck fat. Be amazed how much the flavor of your food will improve.

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Why are animal fats so important?

Animal fats are not prone to spoil or turn rancid. On a molecular level, they do not oxidize or break down, releasing free radicals into your system.

Vegetable oils and spreads oxidize over time when exposed to heat, light, and oxygen. Once oxidized, they cannot serve a constructive role in your body’s health.

Animal fats (from pastured, grass fed animals) provide vitamins found in no other foods.

Animal fats naturally contain vitamins A, D3, and K2, which are all incredibly important for healthy functioning of your body.

Vitamin A supports vision and the immune system.

Vitamin D3 maintains good bone health and immune system.

Vitamin K2 prevents the buildup of calcium in the arteries, which makes them hard. Vitamin K2 puts calcium where it belongs – into the bones – to keep them hard.

These are all fat-soluble vitamins. This means your body needs fat for the vitamins to be stored and used.

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