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Water Kefir – QUART


Made with authentic water kefir grains, pure, filtered water, organic rapadura sugar or molasses – and farm produced, chemical free juice.

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Water Kefir

There is a different type of grain, the water kefir grain, which is fermented in sugar and water.  It is also known as tibicos, tibi, Japanese water crystals, or sugar kefir.  No milk is necessary to create the probiotic beverage. This variant on kefir is refreshing in hot weather and offers an alternative to milk kefir for people who are allergic to dairy products.  It tastes slightly sweet and fermented, but can be mixed with juice to make it taste more interesting.

The water kefir grains are smaller than the milk kefir grains and look like crystals.  The strains of microbes in the water kefir are different than what is found in the milk kefir.  Typical strains of water kefir grains contain a mix of Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, Pediococcus and Leuconostoc bacteria species and Saccharomyces, Candida, Kloeckera yeast species.  The variety of probiotics found in water kefir is lower than is found in milk kefir.  If properly cared for and fed the grains will continue to produce kefir and reproduce indefinitely, like the milk kefir grains.

The finished beverage is a yeasty smelling, slightly carbonated drink with a very low alcohol content (approximately 0.08%).  The beverage typically ferments for about 48 hours.

Our water kefir is fermented, as water kefir always is, with water and sugar causing a naturally forming probiotic bacteria necessary for a healthy gut flora.

We use only raw sugar cane and our well water is from a natural limestone filter source. We then triple filter the water for any unwanted particulates.

Our water kefir uses only certified, organic juices from a national, recognized U.S. grower and our fermented organic ginger and juice combination is then mixed with the water kefir. What separates our water kefir from others is the fermentation of the ginger causing a secondary natural probiotic bacteria.

It should also be noted, as a living organism, the contents of this drink is under pressure and needs to be respected as such. Refrigeration is a necessity as the bottles can explode from the natural Co2 that “WILL” build up at room temperature.

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