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Back in the year of 2000, farmer Amos Miller and his dad attended a conference where Sally Fallon, president of the Weston A Price Foundation, gave an excellent speech on the importance of eating healthy food which was the start of where we are today.

We enjoy good ol’ farming the natural way

Cows and Beef

Our cow dairy is raw and from mostly Jersey cows that are fed no grain. They eat strictly grass and hay as well as a free choice smorgasbord of minerals to maintain a healthy balanced diet.

We are in the process of converting our herds to the better heritage A2/A2 breed which confirms the protein level in the raw milk. We work closely with several other local Amish farms to help us supply the demand of fresh cow milk and cream and we all share the same conscientious grain-free down-to-earth standards.

We regularly test all of our raw milk for bacteria, Coli form and pathogens, via somatic cell count, the (SPC) Standard Plate Count and other various tests to ensure the safety of our raw milk.

Water Buffalo

At the moment we have 30 Water Buffalo. They are strictly grass fed and they produce award winning, A2/A2 certified, rich dairy products and raw buffalo cheese. Water buffalo are plentifully producing in the fall and winter seasons, whereas sheep and goats are not. This is due to the nature of the animals mating seasonally. Water buffalo milk is rich and creamy in flavor and preferred by all of those who are usually sensitive to other type of milks. We also have certain cuts of Buffalo meats and organ meats available, as well.

Goats & Sheep

All of our goat and sheep dairy and cheeses we offer are raw and mostly grass-fed. We don’t have our own goat and sheep on our farm but the Amish farms we work with are local and practice the same natural farming methods. The same goes with our lamb and mutton. 99% grass fed goat. Our goats are rotated on our fertile pastures where they get to eat all the grass, vines and shrubs to their heart’s content. They have access to some free choice mix of NON-GMO, all organic, Alfalfa, heirloom corn, oats, flax, rice, Molasses and kelp (rich in nutrients and minerals). Our goats are not only high in taste but nutrition as well.


Yes, we are milking our own camels and providing raw milk as a valuable natural medicine for autism, diabetes, intestinal health and immunity. Camel Milk is naturally comprised of an amazing array of ingredients, including unique proteins and nutrients which make it a perfect milk alternative. Immune Proteins – perhaps the most important component of camel milk. The concentrated immune proteins and the unique molecular structure of camel milk delivers natural anti-microbials, anti-bacterials, anti-inflammatory agents and anti-fungal properties. Camel Milk contains a gold mine of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. These vitamins, alone or acting together, contain anti-aging as well as functional anti-oxidant properties. Camel Milk itself is an amazing antibacterial and antimicrobial.

Pastured Poultry

Our poultry consist of chicken, turkey, duck and goose. We are happy to say we provide all of our poultry as free-range, GMO-free soy and corn-free. During the warm summer months they also eat insects which is a great source of protein for any poultry as they scratch and peck in the pastures of their natural habitat. We never de-beak our chickens because the chickens need their beaks to eat the grass and insects that gives their eggs the rich color, taste and nutrition which you have come to love and expect. We always move them to new grass every day as it allows our birds to forage a diet of bugs, grubs, flies and a complete salad bar of plants and grasses. This high foraging content of their diet makes their meat extra high in CLA and Omega 3 “good fats”.

Milk-Fed Veal

All of our “occasionally” available Veal is entirely milk-fed and grass-finished. We try to keep veal in stock, but the cost of growing a fat veal is quite expensive due to the amount of milk they consume, therefore we might be “out of stock” at times and may substitute for beef unless you specify “no substitution”. We never separate the baby calf from the mother and only sell the “excess” Colostrum – after the needs of the calf is met.

Whey-Fed Pork

Our pastured hogs are fed a mostly milk-based ration of whey from cheese making, and organic oats – soaked in raw skim milk and a bit of our GMO-free, organic heirloom corn. Some folks say our hogs eat a “cleaner” diet than most Americans! We grow the heritage breed of pigs which is known to be quite a bit more fatty, such as Tamworth or Old English Blacks. Due to their diet, they produce award winning tender and flavorful meats.

Wild Seafood

Our salmon comes directly from the fisherman at “Wild For Salmon”. They harvest the salmon from Bristol Bay, Alaska, the world’s most sustainable Sockeye fishery. This fishery is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) and is BEST CHOICE from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. The most well-known of the Alaska salmon species, our Sockeye Salmon is slid onto the boat to reduce bruising, immediately submerged in ice cold sea water to keep it under 40 degrees, and then flash frozen to maintain top quality. We carry wild salmon and Icelandic haddock.

Traditional Bakery

We bake bread with sourdough and soaked grains and also have sprouted spelt bread available. The muffins are gluten-free and also baked here at our farm as well as sprouted grain shoo-fly pie, angel food cake and gluten-free coconut cookies. We have spelt noodles and sprouted spelt noodles.

Healthy Drinks

Taste our healthy beverages: cabbage juice, kimchee juice, daikon radish juice, apple cider, grape juice, lemonade, ginger ale, kombucha, cranberry kombucha, and beet kvass. Sourdough kvass comes from Canada.

Healthy Fats

The pure and authentic Olive oil comes from a Family Orchard in Greece and their century old olive trees. The cold pressed, virgin coconut oil comes from the Philippines and our raw, fermented Coconut oil comes from Samoa. We carry the Rosita Brand cod liver oil and the full line of Green Pasture supplements such as coconut ghee, cod liver oil, butter oil and skate liver oil.

Raw Sweeteners

The maple syrup comes from Vermont and it is processed with natural procedures. Raw honey is collected locally and we also carry the brand – Really Raw Honey from Maryland.

Crispy Nuts

The nuts are prepared as recommended by the Weston A Price Foundation for better digestion. We buy all the organic nuts raw and then soak them 12 hours to remove phytates and enzyme inhibitors. We are not always able to buy domestic raw nuts, therefore we do use imported raw organic nuts for the cashews, pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts. The peanut and cashew butter is also made locally with soaked nuts. The soaked granola cereal has raisins and almonds.

Fermented Veggies

Most of the produce is grown locally here in Lancaster County, PA and always chemical-free, processed here on the Miller’s farm. We always use only Celtic Sea Salt, raw whey or Apple cider vinegar. Fermented veggies are excellent for digestive health of the entire meal.

Healthy Treats

Try these delicious items such as sweet potato chips and the Amos brand potato chips – made from our own pork lard and local chemical-free potatoes. We also have a local cheaper Zerbe brand chips made with conventional lard and potatoes. Egg custard, ghee, mayonnaise, honey mustard, salsa, pumpkin and zucchini bread are some of the items that we prepare here at the Miller’s farm.

Around here, we are living off our land and our members do the same. All animals are born and raised on the same farm and they live a stress free life out on pasture. We can trace our foods and we grow everything as nature intended – brimming with nutrients, in rich soil – AND the quality is the best it can be.

We care a great deal about the “FOOD” our “FOOD” is eating and the soil’s quality – which is ultimately the starting point to grow high quality, nutrient dense food.

We grow our foods for members who belong to our “Private Member Association”, ONLY!

Here is a partial list of ingredients for some of our products we offer and we take pride to honor the principles and philosophies from Dr. Weston A. Price – emphasizing on nutrient density and the presence of the most all important fat soluble activators.

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