4 Health Benefits Of Eating Raw Cheese

October 1, 2021

So what’s so special about eating raw cheese? Well it’s the flavor that you notice first. When chomping into a piece of cheese made from entirely grass fed raw milk, you really taste the difference! There is a certain complexity about raw cheese that is noticed immediately after that first bite, but then you know you are onto something good!

Raw Cheese Tastes Better So You Don’t Need As Much

We all know that you’re not supposed to eat too many high-fat foods, but when your cheese packs in as much flavor as our authentic raw cheese, you don’t need to eat as much as you would with conventional cheese.

Flavor is the first stage of experiencing the way cheese was meant to be. The subsequent aging period of 60+ days in traditional curing cellars adds a depth of flavor. Another bonus is that’s it’s actually good for you!

Raw Milk in the Cheese Brings the Good Kind of Bacteria

Most of us suffer from depleted digestive enzymes and our health is often compromised for it. People often complain about feeling sluggish and lacking energy. This is because we are chronically short on healthy gut flora and digestive enzymes, as the food we eat is mostly dead.

Healthy nutritious raw milk is very beneficial to your health, adds good bacteria into your gut and brings its own package of digestive enzymes with it. Raw cheese abounds in enzymes that help to digest the fats and proteins. When the food you eat has abundant bacteria and enzymes, then the digestive system is not overtaxed.

Our cows are also known to have a higher content of the A2A2 casein protein that is very beneficial and helps to digest the milk easier. This raw milk has worked well for those who are lactose intolerant.

Raw Cheese from 100% Grass-Fed Cows is Healthier

It promotes a higher content of CLA, or conjugated linoleic acid , which s a type of PUFA that is found in milk and meat products, primarily ruminants such as cows or sheep.  CLA exhibits potent antioxidant activity, and research indicates that CLA might be protective against heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Grass-fed cows contains an average of 2-3 times more CLA than grain-fed cows. This is because grain-based diets reduce the pH of the digestive system in ruminant animals, which inhibits the growth of the bacterium that produces CLA.

It also means that our cows NEVER receive grain at any given moment. Our cows are on pasture 100% of the time or feeding on stored grass baleage or dry hay when inside for milking or bad weather.

Our Raw Cheese Goes Beyond Organic Standards

Much like the traditional farming methods used in centuries gone by, the standards on our farm go far beyond organic, without the use of any artificial fertilizers, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, growth hormones, antibiotics, etc…

Our healthy and happy 100% grass fed cows are never force-fed to produce more milk than they were designed to produce. Around here, we only milk once per day, thus all of our raw diary products are rich and nutrient dense. This is just one of the many reasons why our raw Cheeses are so delicious and nutritious.