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Whole Raw Turkey – per lb


Choose your size Turkey from up to 12, 17 or 25 lbs. The price is an estimate and the exact weight will be determined at the farm and your invoice will be adjusted. Make a comment at checkout if you like fresh or frozen/if available.

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All of our poultry is free-range, GMO-and soy-free. During the warm summer months they eat insects, maggots, bugs and worms which is a great source of protein for any poultry as they scratch and peck in the pastures of their natural habitat. They are also fed a free choice organic soy-free turkey feed, which contains a specially formulated blend of heirloom corn, peas, lentils, barley, molasses, fish meal, flax seed, Enzymes, Probiotics, DE, kelp, and a nutri-balancer which has lots of vitamins, and minerals. DE is a diatomaceous earth powder that naturally kills parasites and pathogens.

Antibiotic and hormone free and 100% pastured.


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