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Turkey Broth


Slowly simmered for 24 hours. Made authentically on the farm, including the head and feet from our free range and pastured Turkeys. Very high in Collagen.

Our Broth comes frozen.

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“How are your bone broths made”?

We put bones in a large pot and cover with (triple) filtered water, 1-2 inches of water above the bones. Note: we like to put heads and feet in as well. This helps to make a gelatin rich broth. We also add organic raw Apple Cider vinegar. Simmer slowly for 24 hours. We then use a very fine strainer to separate liquid from bones. Then add celtic sea salt. (We do not add any vegetables to our broth.)

When broth is cooled down to refrigerator temperature, it is usually like a jello texture. When we make broth to serve our family, my wife (Becky) will heat the broth to a light boil, then adds vegetables to the broth till vegetables are slightly soft. She then adds seasonings or herbs. This is a delicious nutrient-dense meal. Happy eating!! Amos Miller

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