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Duck Eggs – (Soy free) – per dz – fertile

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Farm fresh pastured Eggs – washed or unwashed?

Different cultures treat egg washing in different ways – many cultures frown on washing fresh eggs….. So the question arises – is it best to wash the eggs after collecting them or leave them unwashed? The answer is, it is best to leave the egg unwashed.

Just before laying an egg, the duck adds a protective layer called “bloom” or cuticle to the outside of the egg.  This coating seals the shell pores, prevents bacteria from getting inside the shell, and reduces moisture loss from the egg – all designed to make the egg last longer.  Washing the eggs removes this protective layer, and does reduce the time that the egg will remain fresh.

This very coating – the bloom – is also protecting the egg to get contaminated with salmonella….. Unwashed eggs will last at least two weeks unrefrigerated, and three months if refrigerated.

Diet and lifestyle of a duck makes a huge difference in the quality of eggs what are produced. Our ducks are year round engaging in outdoor activities, free roaming on the farm, eating grasses and algae from the ponds, insects, worms and a little bit of substituted, organic and soy free feed. Those eggs are nourishing and brimming with nutrients.

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1 review for Duck Eggs – (Soy free) – per dz – fertile

  1. Laurence Buisson

    The best eggs ever!
    High quality, delicious.
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