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Chicken Feet (8 ct bag)


From Soy free, pastured and free roaming chickens.

The farm did all the work for you. These feet are cleaned, scaled and ready to put into your stock. These feet come with the fingernails attached. At the end of the cooking process, everything will be soft and eatable, even the bones.

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Why add Chicken feet?

Chicken feet impart a huge amount of valuable collagen and gelatin into your home made broth. The farm is prepping those for you – they blanch them in hot water to remove the outer skin and calluses. Those feet come with the nail attached, that in return will impart more collagen. Don’t be afraid – they might look scary at first – but you will love the results if you add some feet, too.

Always start off with cold water and some raw, Apple cider vinegar. Let your bones and feet sit in cold water for 1 or 2 hrs – to extract the minerals and encourage the release of collagen. Then slowly start to bring the content to a boil. “Skim” the scum or foam – but honestly – <TRULY> pastured animal bones do not produce much “scum” – so I personally don’t bother. The scum can be excessive if you use bones from confined – CAFO – animal sources and unless you remove all that foam, you are left with a bitter tasting broth.

You can eat those feet afterwards and the “fingernails” become very soft, too. Super source of gelatin and collagen.


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