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AMOF Preserve America! Fundraising Contribution (incl. Lifetime Membership)


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The Farm is raising money under its Preserve America Jam fundraiser. Net proceeds go to support Free America Law Center, which is providing critical support for Amos Miller’s case fighting USDA regulations and in support of food freedom for all. When you register as a new member your payment contributes $99 supporting the Preserve America Jam fundraiser plus a $1 lifetime farm membership fee ($100 total). You are supporting the Farm’s legal fight for food freedom. By making this payment you will receive a jar of Blackberry Justice Jam which Amos will ship to you with heartfelt appreciation. You may also choose to become a member without supporting the Farm’s Preserve America fundraiser. In that case the nonrefundable lifetime membership fee is $35. Please choose the membership enrollment that you would like to have. Please be aware that at this time the USDA is preventing the Farm from selling chicken, beef and pork but the Farm has other meat such as water buffalo, a close cousin to the cow, and a full complement of dairy and other wholesome products. We appreciate your support of our Farm and farming the way God intended.

Blackberry Justice Jam quantities are limited. If you find that you cannot register under the Preserve America Jam fundraiser that means that the Blackberry Justice Jam is sold out.


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