Members/Legal Update

August 5, 2021


Pertinent to Section 122 of the Judgment, the USDA orders the text below to be added to this website informing all members of Amos Miller’s Organic Farm:

Please be advised that the United States District Court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania has ruled that Miller’s Organic Farm violated the Court’s Injunction Order and Consent Decree. Accordingly, we will not provide fresh or newly slaughtered amenable meat, meat food products, poultry, and poultry products for sale or purchase unless and until A Miller’s Organic Farm liquidates its existing amenable, non-seized, frozen meat and poultry inventory and complies with other requirements of this Order and other orders of the Court.

As part of those other orders, we are required to take a complete inventory of our current supply. Once we’ve completed that inventory, we will publish here for you those products that will be available for sale according to the Court’s order. We are only permitted to sell these products to existing members of the A Miller’s Organic Farm’s Private Membership Association. We are working diligently with the government to find some long-term solutions. However, we cannot move forward unless and until the existing inventory is liquidated.


Defendants’ Motion to Alter/Amend Judgement*


September Newsletter


August Newsletter

Dear Members

Greetings of love to you in the Name of God our Creator who made things so well.
As we read in the Old Testament in the Book of Job, Job said God can give and God can take, and yes, that is how I feel as well, especially since I wrote my last short article about a week ago when the judge ruled in favor of USDA.
As we read in Job, Satan was going around looking for something to do, and God noticed this.  In this phrase God asked Satan if he noticed Job with his strong faith, etc.  Of course, he did, and Satan also noticed that God had a ring around Job that he could not get to him or his belongings.  Satan asked God anyway for a chance to destroy his animals, etc. so that Job might curse God.  Then God allowed Satan to destroy Job’s animals, etc., but God also showed Satan how strong Job’s faith was but Satan couldn’t take Job’s soul.  The protection that we can have from God is encouraging.
 I guess where there is something good going on Satan wants to be a part of it and destroy it, so we easily lose faith in God.  In this letter I do not want to judge that what the government is doing is evil to Miller’s Organic Farm Private Membership Association, but one must wonder due to the fact that many things that the government endorses and allows such as abortions, etc., which is not Biblical (God’s Law) according to the Testament that God brought us.  In one of the chapters of Job, he commented that he knows his Savior liveth and thru all these trials and tribulation Job survived.  In the last chapter of Job, we can read that God doubled the number of animals that he had before.

And now regarding our legal issues:

Yes, the Judge did rule in favor of the USDA* (we however, filed a motion).  This means that we need to discontinue processing any animals, except for buffalo and rabbit, till we have all our existing inventory liquidated.  They gave us approximately 60 to 90 days to do this.  If anything is left over, the judge gave them the right to destroy the balance of the inventory.
We still have a fair amount of beef and pork available, but poultry, like chicken and turkey, we only have a small amount available.  If you have any interest in any of these items, let us know ASAP.  If you have limited freezer space available, you may place your order in advance and we can set it aside for you with your name on it.  We can store it in our freezer till the end of September if need be.  We only have about half of the amount of inventory that we had about a year ago when we did an inventory liquidation.  So, this will be a first come first served basis.
On another note:  The bigger hurdle that the farm has to overcome is the large $250,000 fine that USDA is imposing on the farm.  We are extremely saddened by this.  For many years, our members enjoyed our grass-fed meat items, and according to the comments that we get, the members are getting extremely good benefits from our meats.
So, the question remains, are we doing something right or wrong given that the government has been pounding at us to discontinue what we’ve been doing for quite some time.
For your benefit as a member, we have added a couple more legal advisers and a constitutional lawyer to look into this.  To assure that your constitutional rights and the farms have not been infringed upon, we will keep you informed when the results are available.  According to the USDA, the fine needs to be paid in 30 days, which would be by approximately Aug. 22nd or more fines could occur.
It is certainly not our wish to ask for more donations to cover these expenses, but standing up for the truth such as requesting citric acid free meats, etc., is what has brought us into this legal battle and it is not coming for free.  If the members can help us overcome this hurdle and assist us with this fine, that would be appreciated.
To make a donation, you may send a payment to Miller’s Organic Farm at 648 Millcreek School Rd., Bird-in-Hand, PA  17505.  If you have any questions, our phone number is 717-556-0672, or if you would like to do it online, please click here for our GoFundMe page.
#1 – If you can make a donation of $1,000 or more, the farm will put this amount on a special guest member list and then 50% of these funds can be returned to you in the year of 2022 in the form of a food credit on your invoice, plus the farm will make an extra effort to fulfill your needs of specialty item list, such as liver glands, etc., whatever your needs may be.  Please call the farm at 717-556-0672 if you have any questions regarding this plan.
#2 – If you can make a donation of $500, then this will be put on a special member list and then 50% of the funds can be returned to you in the form of a food credit in the year of 2022.  Please call the farm if you wish to obtain any of these plans or if you have any questions regarding this.
As you may know, any amount of donation is always helpful, and no matter how much you may be able to help, I want to let you know that all of you as our members are always special and dear to our hearts.  Our goal here at the farm is to help you fulfill your need of nutrient-dense foods.
I feel if we can overcome this hurdle of having this fine paid, that we can continue fulfilling your needs of citric acid free meats.  Once our existing inventory is liquidated, which we hope to have done by the middle of September, then we hope to be approved to process fresh meats.  We will do our best to make this happen.  If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to contact us at the farm at 717-556-0672.

Amos & Becky Miller & Staff