Our Standards and Principles


Miller’s Organic Farm, located in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania, offers 100% raw grass-fed and finished cow’s milk and dairy products, pastured meats and eggs, and other real farm foods to its members. We sell real nutrient dense foods, grown on our own farm and other surrounding Amish farms.
We are a private membership association who is offering real and truly authentic and nutrient dense foods to its members. All of our suppliers have the highest standards in regard to sustainability – for the land, the environment, and the health of the people who use their products.
Our  purpose is to provide real farm fresh, nutrient dense, great tasting truly organic, non-GMO, chemical free, hormone free and antibiotic free foods employing traditional farming methods.
Our goal is to inspire, that our own lives and the lives of following generations could be improved through “real, wholesome foods” to nourish our bodies.

“Our farmer’s mission is to provide nutrient dense, chemical and cruelty-free foods, grown according to God’s Law”


Policies and Practices    


Raw Dairy

Our real cream-top milk comes from entirely pastured, grass fed and genetically verified A2/A2 breeds like cow, buffalo, camel, goat, sheep and it contains all the fat. Our raw milk is the old fashioned kind. It’s non homogenized. It’s entirely raw, straight from the udder and the true definition of whole milk. We welcome you to learn more about our raw milk here and here.
Our milk, cream, butter, yogurt, and fresh cheese is 100% raw and nutrient dense.


Our milking cows as well as our beef, buffalo, Lamb and Mutton for meat are entirely grass-fed. They eat fresh grass in the pasture and hay enriched with nutrients in the barn. Our goal is to raise the healthiest animals possible.
Our poultry is free to roam on the land and we never feed soy or GMO containing anything.


All of our animals have access to ample pasture to graze and play in.

Really Fresh

  • We make fresh dairy products, produced on our own farm from our own milk. These include yogurt, kefir, smoothies and a variety of raw, soft and hard cheeses.
  • We bake our own bread from heirloom grains and flours, properly soaked, sprouted and/or leavened to make the most nutritious breads, cookies and pies.
  • Our own farm grown vegetables are fermented or pickled via lactic acid fermentation. Seasonal fresh vegetables or fruits are also available.
  • Our organic nuts and seeds are prepared by first soaking and then low temp dehydration, to remove phytates and enzyme inhibitors, for ease of digestion.


Miller’s Organic Farm has never been touched by chemicals, and the neighboring farms we work with – practice with similar values. All of our products are all-natural, chemical-free, and soy and GMO-free and produced with sustainable practices. We take pride in providing you and your family with nutrient-dense, real food.

We are providing our foods to members only and never to the public.

We promise to supply our members with the most nutritious and clean foods we grow for ourselves and all of those who would like to live off our land. We like transparency and a solid philosophy of farming practices that are hard to find nowadays. Our food is grown without chemicals or pesticides or genetically engineered ingredients and humane animal treatment takes priority. We are against suffering and unethical practices.
All the farms are active in soil regeneration, including composting to restore topsoil and using their land with utmost care, to grow food how nature intended – brimming with nutrients.

Become a member  –  and start enjoying real farm foods today!

Please read more about our farm here